College Life: What If? (Part 1 – Purpose)


Life is meant to be lived with purpose, direction, and meaning. We all desire the same things in life: happiness, joy, love, and purpose. Have you ever spoken to a person who did not want to know true happiness? Have you ever met a person who did not desire to have purpose, meaning, and direction in their life? Have you ever met a person who, in their deepest desires, did not want to live their life in the way that it was meant it to be lived? At some point we all ask ourselves questions like “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose in life?” We all ask these questions about life because deep in our heart we desire to know the real answers.

The reality, however, is that we often look for the answers to life’s deepest questions through the wrong lens. We seek out our purpose in ways that do not always lead us to true happiness and freedom. What would happen if we began to look for the answers to our questions through the lens of the One who holds them? The God of the universe, the One who created us and holds us in existence has the answers to our most difficult and most simple questions in life. What would our lives look like if we began to seek the truth in and from the very One that knows us best?

We all exist for a reason. We all have a purpose. We all have meaning. When we come to understand that the reason we exist, the purpose we have, and the meaning for which we were created is found in a God who loves each of us, then we are able to find true happiness and freedom in our life.

What if you lived your life believing and knowing that your purpose came from the architect of life itself? What if you lived out this purpose everyday so that you can live your life in freedom?

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