College Life: What If? (Part 2 – Direction)


Being lost is not something we often think about until it actually happens. We begin to say to ourselves, “I think I’m lost.” Eventually, we recognize something that gives us some direction and we get back on course. The real fear and anxiety sets in when we realize that we are actually lost. The feeling of not knowing where you are and how to get to where you want to go can be scary. Have you ever met a person who enjoys the feeling of being lost? Have you ever met a person who enjoys the feeling of having no clue where they are going? Probably not. We all desire to have direction in our life, to know where we are going, to have the vision to see ahead, and ultimately to arrive at the desired destination.

Our lives are meant to be lived and directed by the great architect, God. God is the one who gives us direction for our lives, who gives us vision, and who helps us find our way when we are lost; however, we are not God’s puppets. We are not set on a string and pulled around where He wants us to go. God’s unconditional love allows us to choose His way or not. Yet, regardless of what we choose, God never abandons us on the journey. He is always there to helps us and guide us on our way if we let Him.

So, how do you begin to seek God’s direction for your life? First, God cares about you. He cares about the big decisions you make and He cares about the small ones. So, do not be afraid to ask and seek His guidance. Second, God locates you. The first step to not being lost is locating where you are. God helps you recognize where you are so that you can take an honest look at your life. Third, God routes. When you ask God for direction, He will set the correct course for you. It may not be the route you would choose, it may not seem like the quickest way, but God’s ways are not always your ways, and He will always lead you to true freedom.

What if you looked to God and followed His direction for your life?

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