Into The Deep: Lent

Welcome to Life Teen’s newest resource for high school teenagers, Into the Deep. The goal of this resource is to provide the teenagers at your parish with catechesis that goes deeper into Sacred Scripture and the teachings of our Catholic Church. The sessions contained in this resource are more challenging in their teachings and small group questions, all geared towards teens that are seeking more than the typical Life Night provides.

This resource is designed to supplement our existing eight-semester curriculum for high school students, which is modeled from the USCCB’s “Doctrinal Framework for High School Catechesis.” Each four-session Into the Deep resource will cover a specific topic found within the bishops’ framework with a greater depth. This will allow you to take time to really break open topics such as discipleship, Mary, the season of Lent, and pro-life issues.

This Into the Deep explores the season of Lent. As Catholics, we are familiar with ashes, giving something up, and meatless Fridays, but do we know the “why” behind these things? This four-session series on Lent will help your teens understand the history, beauty, and opportunity of this season. Each session looks at a different aspect of how we are called to prepare for Easter: fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. Obviously, these sessions work best within the season of Lent so that teens can apply the lessons learned and challenge themselves to go deeper during these 40 days.

This Into the Deep includes the sessions:

  • Dirt-Head
  • Why So Fast?
  • Free Alms!
  • Shhh…

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