Faith Like a Child: Edge Retreat

Even in middle school, our youth are overwhelmed by the many expectations and responsibilities that are placed on them by the various people in their lives (parents, teachers, coaches, priests, youth ministers, friends, etc). The goal of this retreat is to reflect on what it means to live with childlike faith; this will incorporate not only having faith like a child, but also what it means to forgive and to love with the simplicity of a child. The Father is calling all of His children to be with Him. This retreat will remind the middle school youth that they are children of God.

This retreat is designed to be a one-day retreat for your middle school youth. This will be the first retreat for many of them. This retreat will allow for time for the youth to both grow spiritually, but to play (child-like faith). Allow for the youth to open up and experience being on retreat. Middle school youth are in a huge rush to grow up quickly. They desire to be treated like an adult and they want certain privileges that they feel they are entitled to at their age. Along with their desire to grow up, society has gladly begun to cater to this age group. Youth are exposed to a variety of issues and situations they are not ready for and not experienced at how to process. This retreat is designed to help the youth understand the importance of holding on to our childlike faith. When we allow ourselves to have childlike faith, we can see ourselves as sons and daughters of God, our Father

Along with the games and time for the youth to be “young again,” there will be opportunities for the youth to deepen their faith in God. This retreat will help the youth to discuss two other aspects of having childlike faith that are more easily seen: their willingness to forgive and to love. God the Father wants us to turn away from sin and be forgiven. He also wants us to know His great love for each one of us and how we can then love others in the same way. Mass, Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration are deliberately included as part of this retreat so that the middle school youth can experience the love of God in the Sacraments

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