Full Filled: Life Teen Retreat

This Life Teen retreat resource is inspired by and based on the book, Blessed are the Bored in Spirit: A Young Catholic’s Search  for Meaning by Mark Hart. The hope behind the book and the retreat is that all Catholics, especially our young people, will see that until they empty themselves of everything earthly: pride, hurt, sin, self, control, ego, fear, image, anger, ambivalence, lust, greed and the need for attention, that they will not be able to experience what is Heavenly, that divinely inspired change of perspective, approach and self-offering that God desires for us.

Full Filled is designed to help strip away the worldly, prideful parts of our lives and teach us how to truly empty ourselves of all that is not of God. Only after we are emptied can God fill us. Only after we are empty will we more perfectly, more authentically, more humbly encounter Christ in the Word and the Sacraments.  Full Filled should help you, your Core, and your teenagers get back to the basics of the faith by first emptying yourselves and, next, being fully filled by God so that Christ can overflow in your lives and then spill His love onto all those you encounter after the retreat.

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