InSanctity: Life Teen Retreat

Crossfit, P90X, Biggest Loser, Insanity –everywhere you look there is another program to help you shape up and slim down. We all know that physical exercise is important and there are plenty of “experts” to show us how to train our bodies, but what about our souls? The Catechism states: “Prayer and the Christian life are inseparable” (CCC 2745). Then why do so many of us struggle to develop and maintain a healthy prayer life? Because prayer “always presupposes effort” (CCC 2725), the habit of prayer, like the habit of exercise, is built up over time with discipline and repetition. This retreat will help teens get their spiritual lives “in shape” through prayer.

Using the idea of athletic training as an underlying theme, this retreat will help teens understand the importance of prayer while giving them the opportunity to “exercise” different forms of prayer. The goal of this retreat is to help the teens develop a lifelong habit of prayer.

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