Inside Out: Edge Retreat

To help the middle school youth understand that their self worth comes from their identity in God, thus calling the youth to treat others with respect through their actions and words.

King David is someone that we hear a lot about – and we may know the story of David fighting Goliath. However, there is often a lot more to this story that we overlook – David was a shepherd, which out of necessity at the time also taught him fighting skills when defending the sheep from wild animals. When he was not busy tending the flock, David developed his talent for music – on both the flute and the harp and he is responsible for giving us a good number of the psalms. To look at David’s outward appearance, especially as a youth, one would doubt that David would grow up to be one of the greatest kings in all of history. This retreat is designed to help the middle school youth not to see themselves or others just by their outward appearance. This is a hard thing to do with all of the pressures that come from society and sometimes the pressure we place upon ourselves. The idea of this retreat is to have the youth begin by looking at their inward appearance and help them to not just see what physical attributes they have, but also the dignity they possess as a son or daughter of God.

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