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You Never Let Go: Edge Retreat

Middle school can be a confusing and hectic time in the lives of your Edge youth. During this time, the youth can feel very lost and forgotten because of all the changes occurring. This experience can lead them to search for life’s answers in the wrong places. The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth understand that God’s love is always present, especially in the times they feel lost

In this retreat, we hope to instill in the youth an understanding that when we feel lost, God intentionally seeks us out. He wants to show us His love and how valuable each of us is to Him. God’s mighty hand is always reaching out to us; all we need to do is to be humble and willing to grab it. In understanding His constant presence, we can then understand the calling God gives us to be part of His plan of salvation. He calls each of us to welcome the prodigal sons of this world with open arms just as He always does for us. The goal is to understand our value as humans, and give the middle school youth an opportunity to seek out practical ways they can serve as instruments of God’s peace and love in their community.

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