Sent: Life Teen Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to call and equip teens for the mission of evangelization. Using the stories and characters in the book of Acts as a basis, this retreat will help teens understand that they have an important testimony to share about how God is moving in and through them. It is our baptismal call to share that testimony with the world, “so that the divine message may be known and accepted by all men throughout the earth” (CCC 900).

The retreat begins with St. Peter in the upper room just before Pentecost. The first session will call on the Holy Spirit to move us out into the world to boldly proclaim Christ. The next session turns to St. Paul to explore the ongoing process of conversion and forgiveness. Next, the story of St. Stephen will help the teens understand how to cherish and defend the Church regardless of the cost. The Saturday evening session challenges teens to bring Christ to those around them fearlessly. Finally, the retreat concludes with the testimony of the teens themselves and the challenge to continue to share their witness of faith long after the retreat is over.

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