Spotlight 21: Inspire[d]

This issue of Spotlight introduces Life Teen’s 2014 year theme: Inspire[d]. It includes a Life Night to help teenagers dive into the theme of the year, as well as an article for youth ministers about the theme. This issue also features an emphasis on finding balance in ministry; three articles are dedicated especially to single and married youth ministers, and youth ministers that are parents.

  • Spotlight Intro: Katie Heller
  • Letter From the President: Randy Raus, President of Life Teen
  • Inspire[d] – Life Teen’s 2014 Theme: Mark Hart, Executive Vice-President of Life Teen
  • Inspire[d]: A Life Night for Life Teen’s 2014 Theme
  • Our Need For Order: Jimmy Mitchell
  • Single Serving: Chelsea Piper
  • Balanced Communication: Chris Mueller
  • Minivan Ministry: Joe Chernowski, Eastern Region Director
  • Family Portrait: A Life Night About Family
  • Blessed Are the Stupid: Mark Hart, Executive Vice-President of Life Teen
  • I’m Too Stressed Out!: Cathy Creegan
  • Get Social: Three Easy Social Life Nights
  • Personal Spirituality – Silence: Stacy Cretors, Life Teen Missionary
  • Parental Influence: Chris Turner
  • Words From Pope Francis: Homily For the Day of the Family

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