Spotlight 22: Mission and Evangelization

This issue of Spotlight focuses on mission and evangelization. It includes articles that share stories and advice about how to love and evangelize those that are hardest to love or that we consider enemies, encouraging teenagers to consider mission work, and give a glimpse into the mission field of Europe. This issue includes two high-energy Social Life Nights, and some practical tips for calendar planning.

  • Spotlight Intro: Katie Heller, Director of Catechesis
  • Letter From the President: Randy Raus, President of Life Teen
  • The Joy of Evangelization: Jimmy Mitchell
  • Catholic Double Dare: A social Life Night
  • The Youth Ministry Renaissance: Beccy and Neil Roseman
  • Water of Life: George McGraw, Founder and Executive Director of Digdeep
  • 4liters: An issue Life Night about water use and solidarity
  • Loving the Unlovable: Katie Iversen
  • Mission Life, Blessed Life: Chris Benzinger, Director of Missions
  • Googa Mooga: A social Life Night
  • Starving Youth Ministers: Amanda Grubbs, Edge Support Coordinator
  • YM101: Scheduling for Success: Monica Harness
  • Support System: Sarah McMahon
  • Words From Pope Francis World Mission Day 2013

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