Unstoppable: Life Teen Retreat

Based on the life of St. Paul, the goal of the retreat is for the teens to encounter the incredible power of God’s grace to convert and transform their lives. This retreat will also show the teens that conversion is a process instead of a single event. Finally, this retreat will empower the teens to become an unstoppable force of God’s grace in their world.

This retreat focuses on the ongoing conversion of St. Paul and how the power of God’s grace completely transformed him, making him an unstoppable force for the kingdom. Regardless of where your teens are right now, this retreat will set the stage for deeper conversion and the call to evangelization.

In order to ensure that this retreat is more than just a onetime experience that the teens quickly forget,  a four-week follow up Bible study based on the letters of St. Paul is also included in the retreat outline. This is a great opportunity to foster the relationships, excitement, and transformation that began on the retreat.

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