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Edge Nights

Discover hundreds of catechetical, issue, and social middle school youth ministry nights. We help you create the perfect youth ministry gather for groups of all sizes with easy to implement directions and excellent teachings to help you explain the faith to your middle school youth.

Amplify Magazine

With very little prompting, middle school youth know how to quickly amplify any situation they are in – whether it’s the volume at which they speak or the way they react to a situation. In the life of most middle school youth, this is a time when everything seems amplified – friendships, desire to be autonomous, school, sports, etc. That is why we are introducing – Amplify.

This new resource contains some great additions for you, your Core Team, and even for your youth. First, we want to include articles and blogs about middle school youth culture, development, and other relevant going-ons in the middle school world. Hear from other youth ministers about their ministry and see what is happening in the wonderful world of Edge and Life Teen.

Share the articles with your Core Team so that they are able to continue to grow in their love of middle school youth ministry. The more that your Core Team knows, the better they are able to serve and minister to the youth in your group. Take time for Core Team development throughout the semester – and let us know if there are topics you would like to see covered here.

Amplify is a supplement to the Edge Semester Planning Guide that you receive. In the Semester Planning Guide, we provide a systematic approach to catechesis with middle school youth. Use the Semester Planning Guide to provide the majority of your Edge Nights; however, we also recommend that you offer Issue and Social Nights for your youth. That is where Amplify comes in. In this little magazine, you will find the Issue and Social Nights for your ministry.

Edge Retreats

Retreats give middle-schoolers day-long and weekend-long experiences that establish, deepen, and strengthen the faith of your teens. We provide one retreat a year: either a standard weekend-long retreat or a day-long retreat you can usually do at your parish.