Edge Nights


There are now three full semesters pertaining to Scripture in this Edge Night collection. You will find Edge Nights on everything from Scripture and Tradition, to the Fall of Man, to the Incarnation, and even how to pray Lectio Divina. Now, to add to the mix, this brand new semester on Scripture highlights eight of the key people from the Old Testament with fun filled games, activities, and resources to help you make their stories come to life for your middle school youth. Be sure to browse through this entire collection and see what great things there are to help you fully introduce and teach you youth the many wonders of Sacred Scripture.


In this semester, we are presenting an overview of the Nicene and Apostle’s Creed. While each of these Edge Nights is about an aspect of our Catholic faith, it is designed to follow the Creed and help the youth to better understand what we pray each week at Mass. This would be a great opportunity to get each middle school youth a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As the youth learn about God the Father, Jesus, Mary, the saints, etc. they can turn to the Catechism to learn more and grow deeper in their faith development. By the end of the semester, the youth will see how the Catechism mirrors the Creed and be able to search and find topics they want to learn more about.


In this semester, we are presenting various aspects of our Catholic faith. The youth will hear and learn about how and when the Catholic Church was instituted, the precepts of the faith, the four pillars, heaven, hell and purgatory, discipleship, evangelization and more. Encourage your Core Team to take the time needed to prepare for each Edge Night by reading through the Catechism and Scripture references. It is important for the team to have a deeper understanding of the faith in order to further challenge the middle school youth.


In this semester we give an extensive overview of all of the Seven Sacraments and what it is they signify and why it is important for the youth to participate in the Sacraments. We also have included a few resources on the many questions and objections to the Sacraments, as well as a few resources on the Mass.


The Edge Nights cover introduction to prayer and the basic types of prayer. This semester also includes nights on the Our Father and the Hail Mary. We hope this semester helps your young people dive into a life of prayer.

Social Justice

Throughout the semester, the middle school youth will be introduced to the social teaching of the Catholic Church. Using the dignity of the human person as the basis, this semester will look at issues such as solidarity, war, greed, poverty and injustice. The goal of the semester is to help the young people see the needs of the greater human family and how their faith connects them to their brothers and sisters in need.