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Edge Support: March 2015 – Liturgical Seasons

Semester Planning Guide

Semester Planning Guide: Liturgical Seasons

Edge Nights create the engaging, interactive setting for comprehensive catechesis within the Edge middle school ministry. This resource provides outlines for seven Edge Nights designed to be adapted to meet the needs of your middle school youth and your parish. This semester is the first of our new Edge bonus boxes and steps outside of our usual semester curriculum to bring you an interactive semester all about the Liturgical Seasons. Use this resource for an entire semester or periodically throughout the year as the Church celebrates the different Liturgical Seasons.


HIStory: Edge Retreat

The life of Christ is filled with many wonderful and miraculous events. This weekend Edge retreat will walk your youth through some of the pivotal points in the life of Christ. They will understand not only who Christ is but also how He is still relevant to their daily lives. The retreat will also reveal that they are called to love Him more and bring Him out to the world.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 9: Let Your Light Shine

This issue of Amplify features articles with tips on summer ministry, as well as how to make a smooth transition for your 8th graders from Edge into Life Teen. Be sure to check out the article about warning signs for high risk youth as well as a quick way to explain Adoration. Get your sunblock and flip flops and get ready to rock your summer ministry.

– Summer Time Blast: Tips on Summer Ministry by Alan Badia
– Bridging the Gap: Transitioning 8th Grade Youth into Life Teen by Richard Rivera
– Ask the Therapist: Warning Signs of At Risk Youth by Cheyenne Vazquez
– A Brief Introduction: Adoration in 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
– Made for More: An Edge Issue Night on Worth in God
– Let Your Light Shine: An Edge 8th Grade Send Off
– All Hallows Eve: An Edge Social Night on Halloween

Edge Support: November 2014 – Creed

Semester Planning Guide

Semester Planning Guide: Creed

Edge Nights create the engaging, interactive setting for comprehensive catechesis within the Edge middle school ministry. This resource provides outlines for eight Edge Nights, designed to be adapted to meet the needs of your middle school youth and your parish. This semester is focused on the Creed and is the second semester in our new nine semester Edge Curriculum cycle.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 8: Advent

This issue of Amplify features a wide variety of articles covering everything from ideas on how to help your youth enter more fully into Advent, to how to plan a retreat and still keep your sanity. Make sure to check out the new Christmas themed Social and Issue Night to help you amp up your Christmas festivities!

– Advent Ideas For Your Edge Program: Five Ways to Enter Into Advent by Lindsay West
– What’s In A Name?: Why You Should Learn the Names of Your Youth by Christina Mead
– Tips on Leading a Retreat: How to Keep Your Sanity by Joel Stepanek
– A Brief Introduction: The Saints in 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
– Ask the Therapist: Establishing Rules and Tools for Discipline by Cheyenne Vasquez
– You’ve Got A Friend in Me: The Importance of Teaching Christian Friendship by Peter Alexander
– We’re All In This Together: An Edge Issue Night on Christian Friendship
– It’s A Boy: An Edge Issue Night on Advent
– Christmas Extravaganza: An Edge Social Night

Edge Support: September 2014 – Scripture

Semester Planning Guide

Semester Planning Guide: Scripture

Welcome to our new Edge Semester Planning Guide! Be sure to look through the whole book and check out all the new things. Whether you are a veteran to Edge or this is your first semester, we wanted to take some time to explain some of the new sections in your curriculum guides, why we included them, and how you can use them.



This retreat has been designed to take middle school youth on a day-long journey through their story – past, present, and future. It challenges youth to see how Christ redeems our past history, sins, and hurts. It calls them to walk with Christ every day. Finally, the retreat helps middle school youth look forward to their eternal destiny in heaven, and calls them to strive for sainthood daily, placing their hope in Christ.

Amplify Magazine


This volume of Amplify contains articles to help you get off to a great start with this next year of your Edge ministry. Check out the article titled Getting Started to help you plan for your year in order to bring your best to the youth that you serve. Also take sometime to prayerfully reflect on what inspires you to do middle school youth ministry and who your saintly intercessors will be to help make this year fruitful. As usual there are two Issue Nights, one specifically about being Thankful and one on Modesty, and be sure to check out the new Social Night – your youth are going to get colorful!

  • Getting Started: Planning an Edge Semester by Joe Chernowski
  • What’s Your Inspiration: A Prayerful Reflection by Amanda Grubbs
  • Inspired by Blessed Mother Teresa: Who Are Your Intercessors? by Olivia Spears
  • A Brief Introduction: The Ten Commandments In 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
  • Count Your Blessings: And Issue Night on Being Thankful
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Teaching Modesty by Manda Poffel
  • Inside and Out: An Issue Night on Modesty
  • Color My World: An Edge Social Night

Edge Support: March 2014 – Social Justice

Semester Planning Guide

Semester Planning Guide: Social Justice

Welcome to your new Edge Semester Planning Guide! Whether this is your first Edge semester or your tenth, we wanted to take some time and point out various sections from the Edge Nights and give our thoughts on why we included them and advice on how to incorporate them.


Keep Calm and Sing Alleluia: An Edge Weekend Retreat

Without the Resurrection there is no Christianity, no Catholic Church. This
retreat is a resource to help you break open the Resurrection narratives with your middle school youth in a dynamic way; to invite them to immerse themselves in the events, which have shaped our faith. We have our faith thanks to the fortitude, wisdom, and faith of the men and women who were witnesses to Christ’s Resurrection. This weekend retreat extends that invitation to your youth to go forth as witnesses to the Resurrection today.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 6: INSPIRE[D]

This volume of Amplify features an article and Edge Night based on Life Teen’s annual theme for 2014, INSPIRE[D]. Be sure to also check out the other articles covering an array of topics from a personal testimony of doing prison ministry, to how to do a good Send. This issues also features new Issue and Social Nights, along with the Issue Night on the theme INSPIRE[D] there is also an Issue Night on helping youth have a positive self image. And get ready for some messy games as this Social Night will be sure to have your youth slipping and sliding into some messy game fun!

  • INSPIRE[D]: 2014 Annual Theme by Mark Hart
  • INSPIRE[D]: An Edge Night For Life Teen’s Annual Theme
  • Breaking Through Shackles: An Experience in Prison Ministry by Daniela Cicero
  • Messtival: An Edge Social Night
  • Ask the Therapist: How Do I Keep Their Attention? by Cheyenne Vasquez
  • A Brief Introduction: The Rosary in 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
  • Tips on Send: Stick the Landing by Colleen Stepanek
  • With the Eyes of Christ: An Edge Social Night on Self Image

Edge Support: November 2013 – Prayer

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 5: Road Trip to Rio

This volume of Amplify features articles on how to stay refreshed in ministry, the popular app vine, how to use humor in the proclaim, and how to handle bad behavior in small groups. Check out the Issue Nights on Pope Francis and Profanity, and also the Mardi Gras Social Night.

  • Sunblock Against Burnout: How to Stay Refreshed in Ministry by Chris Mardesich
  • “Tarzan, Grapes, Jesus, and Apps?” The New Social Media App, Vine by Christina Mead
  • Mardi Gras: An Edge Social Night
  • Ask the Therapist: Why Pre-Adolescents Love Games, the Secret Revealed! by Cheyenne Vasquez
  • ROFL: How and When to Use Humor in Proclaims by Angie Bosio
  • Road Trip to Rio: An Edge Issue Night on Pope Francis and World Youth Day 2013
  • Tips on Break: How to Handle Bad Manners in Small Groups by Richard Rivera
  • A Brief Introduction: The Catechism of the Catholic Church in 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
  • Words with Friends: An Edge Issue Night on Profanity and Speech

Edge Support: August 2013 – Sacraments


Clothed In The Sun: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to introduce middle school youth to Mary. Very often, Catholic veneration and love of Mary is misunderstood. During this retreat the middle school youth will come to learn why Mary is so important to our faith. The youth will gain a basic understanding of the Blessed Mother by breaking open the Gospels. They will also come to a greater understanding of Mary as their own mother and the role that she plays in their lives. The retreat will also break open the messages of the three approved apparitions of Mary. The youth will understand that what Mary has said over the centuries still applies to their own lives today, and that her goal is always to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus.

The format of this retreat is written with the intention to be a day retreat for middle school youth. This retreat is broken into four different sessions; beginning with a simple introduction to Mary and then going through the three Vatican approved Marian apparitions of Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima. During each session there will be a basic story of what happened during each apparition along with the messages that Mary conveyed to the world. There will also be a time for some hands-on fun for the youth to create their own Tilma, Grotto, and to act out the events of Fatima. The day will end with the youth bringing roses to Mary and praying for her guidance and protection. It is also recommended that as a group you wrap up the retreat by attending the Saturday night mass at your parish and inviting the parents and families to join.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify 04: Chastity and Sexuality

This issue of Amplify is all about helping our middle-school with their identity as children of God, especially their sexual identity. Make sure to take some time to read through all of the articles about chastity, sexuality, homosexuality, and safe environment topics to help you navigate these difficult and important topics.

Edge Support: March 2013 – Church


Inside Out: Edge Retreat

To help the middle school youth understand that their self worth comes from their identity in God, thus calling the youth to treat others with respect through their actions and words.

King David is someone that we hear a lot about – and we may know the story of David fighting Goliath. However, there is often a lot more to this story that we overlook – David was a shepherd, which out of necessity at the time also taught him fighting skills when defending the sheep from wild animals. When he was not busy tending the flock, David developed his talent for music – on both the flute and the harp and he is responsible for giving us a good number of the psalms. To look at David’s outward appearance, especially as a youth, one would doubt that David would grow up to be one of the greatest kings in all of history. This retreat is designed to help the middle school youth not to see themselves or others just by their outward appearance. This is a hard thing to do with all of the pressures that come from society and sometimes the pressure we place upon ourselves. The idea of this retreat is to have the youth begin by looking at their inward appearance and help them to not just see what physical attributes they have, but also the dignity they possess as a son or daughter of God.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 3: 2013 Theme – Fearless

This volume of Amplify highlights articles on Instagram, Bruno Mars new CD, and the 2013 Life Teen Theme of Fearless. Check out the Issue Nights on Fearless and Honoring our Parents, and the Putt-Putt Golf Social Night.

Edge Support: November 2012 – Creed

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 2 – Year of Faith

This issue of Amplify highlights the Year of Faith. There are also articles about core members, and engaging and empowering youth. This Amplify also includes Issue Nights on the Year of Faith and a Kickball Social Night.

Edge Support: August 2012 – Scripture


Fit For A King: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth take greater ownership of their faith and their identity as men and women in God’s Kingdom. Using the basis of Matthew 6:33, this retreat will encourage the participants to see the importance of seeking the Kingdom of heaven. This retreat will compare and contrast the Kingdom of God and historical kingdoms, to help them recognize that a “knight” and a “lady” are not only figures in history. The retreat will place an emphasis on the Sacraments and active participation in the life of the Church.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify Volume 1

This issue of Amplify features the Give It Away Now: Shelter the Homeless Edition. There are also articles featuring conversations with middle schoolers,  and empowering eighth graders . Also check out the latest Issue Night on Advent and the Beach themed Social Night.

Edge Support: March 2012 – Issue and Social Nights


So Long Self: Edge Retreat

Middle school is often a time of self-discovery, where the youth begin to see even more clearly that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Middle school youth often think their decisions do not effect others and they go about doing whatever is necessary to make themselves the center, disregarding parents, friends, siblings, teachers, authority, etc. This retreat will help the youth realize they must give up their “self” (selfish ways) and fill their hearts with God through virtuous acts of self-giving love (practice of Beatitudes). With prayer and the Sacraments as their strength, the youth can surrender their lives to God.

Through this retreat, the middle school youth will better understand how practicing good habits (virtue) defends us against sinfulness. Of the deadly sins, pride is the most apparent within us, while humility is its counter. Jesus gave us the beatitudes as a way to live virtuous lives, and we must look at them as tools for walking a faith that is all about God and not about us and our own selfish desires. Once we say, “So long self,” to all the things we selfishly — and often mindlessly — fill our lives with, we combat pride and sin and are able to put on our new selves. It is Jesus who told us, “I make all things new.” In other words, we have to let go and let God, speaking the words of St. Augustine: “My heart is restless until it rests in You, O Lord.” In their love for God, the middle school youth will experience true freedom and, through this love, come to a true love of self (which is secondary and results only from love of God, who desires happiness for all).As we ascend to the Mount of Beatitudes during the weekend, we hope the middle school youth walk back down the mountain changed and ready to lead lives more focused on God, who alone is Lord. SCRI

Edge Support: August 2011 – Prayer


Faith Like a Child: Edge Retreat

Even in middle school, our youth are overwhelmed by the many expectations and responsibilities that are placed on them by the various people in their lives (parents, teachers, coaches, priests, youth ministers, friends, etc). The goal of this retreat is to reflect on what it means to live with childlike faith; this will incorporate not only having faith like a child, but also what it means to forgive and to love with the simplicity of a child. The Father is calling all of His children to be with Him. This retreat will remind the middle school youth that they are children of God.

This retreat is designed to be a one-day retreat for your middle school youth. This will be the first retreat for many of them. This retreat will allow for time for the youth to both grow spiritually, but to play (child-like faith). Allow for the youth to open up and experience being on retreat. Middle school youth are in a huge rush to grow up quickly. They desire to be treated like an adult and they want certain privileges that they feel they are entitled to at their age. Along with their desire to grow up, society has gladly begun to cater to this age group. Youth are exposed to a variety of issues and situations they are not ready for and not experienced at how to process. This retreat is designed to help the youth understand the importance of holding on to our childlike faith. When we allow ourselves to have childlike faith, we can see ourselves as sons and daughters of God, our Father

Along with the games and time for the youth to be “young again,” there will be opportunities for the youth to deepen their faith in God. This retreat will help the youth to discuss two other aspects of having childlike faith that are more easily seen: their willingness to forgive and to love. God the Father wants us to turn away from sin and be forgiven. He also wants us to know His great love for each one of us and how we can then love others in the same way. Mass, Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration are deliberately included as part of this retreat so that the middle school youth can experience the love of God in the Sacraments

Edge Support: March 2011 – Sacraments


Restored: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth experience the Paschal Mystery in their lives. The Paschal Mystery is about Christ’s death and Resurrection. Every time we experience suffering or darkness in our life, whether through our own sins, the sins of others, or simply because it is dark point in our life, we always have the opportunity to unite ourselves to Christ’s death and Resurrection. Even middle school youth can experience the Paschal Mystery in their life. Whether it is a “little death” or a “big death” we experience, that death leads to resurrection when it is united to Christ. In short, Christ restores us to life through His death and Resurrection and we experience this restoration through every suffering that is united to Christ.

For many middle school youth, this may be the first time that they attend an overnight retreat. Most youth do not go on retreat prior to middle school. This retreat is intended to be a foundational retreat experience for those who attend, because it focuses on the very core of our faith: the Paschal Mystery. The goal of the retreat is to help the middle school youth relate their own experiences to the Paschal Mystery, so that they may see how they can experience Christ in their everyday life. In doing so, just as Christ was restored to life in the Resurrection, the youth may experience restoration when they unite their life with Christ.

The retreat is also intentional in utilizing the sacraments within major sessions. Mystagogy is a study of theology that teaches how the sacraments of the Church allow man to enter into the events of salvation history. In our faith, we do not simply learn about salvation history and praise God for what He has done in the past. In the sacraments, we fully enter into and live the present moment in the salvation history that we celebrate. On this retreat, we will remember Christ’s death on Good Friday, encouraging the youth to die to sin in their lives through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The youth will discover the empty tomb, just as Mary Magdalene did, when they discover that Christ has risen in the Holy Mass. The youth will experience the restoration of Christ’s Resurrection while praising God in Eucharistic Adoration. Because sacraments play such a huge role in this retreat, it is vitally important that you plan accordingly so that you have the clergy support you need to make the sacramental nature of this retreat successful.

Finally, the retreat ends by sending the youth out into the world just as Christ sent the apostles following the Resurrection. Having been restored, the youth have a responsibility to spread the Gospel so that others may be restored as well.

Edge Support: November 2010 – Church

Life Night Title Semester Keywords
Heaven and Earth:
Edge - Church , , ,
An Edge Social Night
Edge - Social
Modest is Hottest:
Edge - Issue
Treasure Hunters:
Church History 101
The Golden Rule:
An Issue Night on Bullying
Edge - Issue
Precepts of the Catholic Church
Edge - Church , ,
Truth of the Matter:
Magisterium of the Catholic Church
Edge - Church , , ,
Preaching and Walking:
Edge - Church , , ,
The House That Christ Built:
The Church – Established by Christ
Edge - Church , , , , ,
The Final Four:
Last Things
Edge - Church , , , , ,
Steady Shelter:
The Four Marks of the Church
Edge - Church , , , , ,
Mission: Possible:
Edge - Church , , , ,
The Holy Spirit
Minute To Win It!:
An Edge Social Night
Back to Narnia:
The Gift of Faith
Returning Again:
Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting
Angel Mythbusters:
Give it Away Now:
“Thirst for Change” Edition
Death, Where is Your Victory?:
Paschal Mystery
Father Safari:
God the Father
Middle School Jesus:
God the Son
Oh When the Saints Go Marching In!:
Communion of Saints
Turning the Other Cheek:
Forgiving Others

Edge Support: August 2010 – Creed

Individual nights not added yet. Download the full guide below!


You Never Let Go: Edge Retreat

Middle school can be a confusing and hectic time in the lives of your Edge youth. During this time, the youth can feel very lost and forgotten because of all the changes occurring. This experience can lead them to search for life’s answers in the wrong places. The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth understand that God’s love is always present, especially in the times they feel lost

In this retreat, we hope to instill in the youth an understanding that when we feel lost, God intentionally seeks us out. He wants to show us His love and how valuable each of us is to Him. God’s mighty hand is always reaching out to us; all we need to do is to be humble and willing to grab it. In understanding His constant presence, we can then understand the calling God gives us to be part of His plan of salvation. He calls each of us to welcome the prodigal sons of this world with open arms just as He always does for us. The goal is to understand our value as humans, and give the middle school youth an opportunity to seek out practical ways they can serve as instruments of God’s peace and love in their community.

Edge Support: March 2010 – Scripture


Help I’m Stuck in a Locker!: Edge One Day Retreat

The transition from middle school to high school can be daunting. This retreat is designed to address the middle school youth’s fears and anxieties and connect them with high school youth and adult Core Team in your Life Teen program.

Are you looking for a retreat to help your 8th graders to transition into high school? You’ve found it. This retreat is designed to help your transitioning 8th graders as they move from “big fish, little pond” to “little fish, big pond.” Some 8th graders are ready to move on to high school, while others have a great deal of anxiety thinking of what high school could possibly look like. One of the most important things we can do in ministry is to make sure our outgoing 8th graders are ready and welcomed into our high school ministries. Throughout the day, your 8th graders will become familiar with your high school youth ministry program, your Life Nights, Life Teen Core Team, and high school juniors and seniors.

The world of most 8th graders is rapidly changing. They want to be perceived as “grown up” while at the same time they are still dependent upon their parents. For the past few years, the 8th graders have likely developed a certain sense of “self” based on their friends and activities both in and out of school. The idea of starting over and trying to fit in to a new environment is stressful. Use this opportunity to pray with the youth about their fears, anxieties, joys, struggles, doubts, hopes, and dreams. The theme of the day is to help the youth recognize the importance of faith and trusting God through this transition. Have fun with the “school” theme, but try not to make the day feel as if they are stuck in a classroom.