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Life Nights

The goal of this resource, the Curriculum Guide, is to help you provide systematic and complete catechesis for your teenagers while providing opportunities for evangelization and transformation. Since May 2007, Life Teen has published two rounds of their 8-semester curriculum. When planning your semester, it is recommended that you combine these Catechetical Life Nights with Issue and Social Life Nights as well.  Typically, a Life Teen parish doing Life Nights every week will have two (2) Catechetical, one (1) Issue, and one (1) Social Night during the course of a month.

These Life Nights are not necessarily designed to work “straight out of the box.”  They are planning guides that can serve as starting points in the planning of your Life Nights.  In your planning, take into consideration the needs of your teens and the resources of your parish.  For example, the teaching outline for each night is filled with more information than a typically teenager can absorb during a 10-minute talk.  By giving the presenter more than enough information, he or she can create an engaging and informative presentation of the faith tailored to the needs of the teens at your parish.

Liturgy Planning Guide

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Into the Deep

Welcome to Life Teen’s newest resource for high school teenagers, Into the Deep. The goal of this resource is to provide the teenagers at your parish with catechesis that goes deeper into Sacred Scripture and the teachings of our Catholic Church. The sessions contained in this resource are more challenging in their teachings and small group questions, all geared towards teens that are seeking more than the typical Life Night provides.

This resource is designed to supplement our existing eight-semester curriculum for high school students, which is modeled from the USCCB’s framework for high school age catechesis. Each four-session Into the Deep resource will cover a specific topic found within the bishops’ framework with a greater depth. This will allow you to take time to really break open topics such as discipleship, Mary, the season of Lent, and pro-life issues.

Into the Deep is designed to be used with small groups of six to ten students. The teachings, discussions, and activities are best suited for small group discipleship and have been planned with this in mind. Each session can be adapted for a large group, however, if your parish chooses to do so.

Life Teen Retreats

Retreats allow for weekend-long experiences that establish, deepen, and strengthen the faith of your teens. We provide two retreats a year, one teen retreat and one adult Core retreat or adult Parent retreat. Click the links below to find the retreat you’re looking for.

Core Training

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Spotlight Magazine

This resource is designed to help you stay current in the lives of your teens as well as in the world of youth ministry.  It is our desire that this book will give you important insights to help your ministry be more relevant and engaging for your young people.  This issue of Spotlight is filled with articles, Life Night outlines, and other tools to use in your ministry.

So how can you use this resource?  First and foremost, it can be a valuable part of your semester planning. To build the most effective semester for your teens, it is important that you use both the Curriculum Guide and Spotlight resources.  For a parish doing Life Nights every week, Life Teen recommends that each month there are two Catechetical Life Nights (like the ones found in the Curriculum Guide), one Issue Life Night and one Social Life Night (like the ones found in Spotlight).  As always, it is important that semester planning and the planning of the individual nights are adapted to meet the needs of your specific parish and your teens.  When building your semester, use the vast resource of past Life Nights that can be downloaded from

Another way to use this resource, is to share the articles with your Core Team.  They can serve as reflections, discussion starters, and training pieces.  Each article is written to help you and your Core Team connect with the larger Church, as well as the youth culture.