The purpose of this course is to help students understand that it is only through Christ that they can fully live out God’s plans for their lives. Students are to learn the moral concepts and precepts that govern the lives of Christ’s disciples.

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Staff-currated Semester Options

To help you create unique semesters unitilizing Life Nights from different shipments, we've created three options for you to use if you need some help crafting a semester. Use these outlines a suggestion. Supplement as needed by looking at the USCCB semester outline to fill in gaps for your youth group.

We suggest that you build unique semesters based on the USCCB requirements that help your teens understand the Faith. Don't feel compelled to use every night, but pick and choose what fits your group.

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USCCB Semester Outline

Life Teen follows the USCCB semester outline for high school catechesis. We offer the most comprehensive and complete youth ministry curriculum available based on this curriculum. See how our Life Nights fit into each semester of the curriculum below. You'll find on the left the main points from the USCCB framework and to the right what nights fit into each main point. You can find more details about the USCCB catechesis framework in this PDF.

USCCB Outline

Life Nights

III. Living New Life in Christ Jesus and the Gospel Message are the Basis for Catholic Moral Teaching

A. God’s love and mercy through Jesus Christ

B. Our Vocation – a universal call to holiness as disciples of Jesus Christ

C. Grace

D. Virtue

E. Sustaining the moral life of the Christian

F. Conscience

G. Sacraments and prayer offer us the grace and strength to live a moral life

H. Appropriating and living the moral teaching of Jesus Christ and his Church

IV. The reality of sin

A. Original Innocence

B. Effects of Original Sin

C. The reality of Sin

D. Scriptural Images of Sin

V. Challenges

A. If God created me free doesn’t that mean that I alone can decide what is right and wrong?

B.Isn’t it wrong to judge another person by telling them that something they are doing is wrong?

C. Isn’t it wrong for the Church to impose her views of morality on others?

D. Why can’t we make up our own minds and be in control over everything?

E. There’s an old saying about charity beginning at home: Doesn’t this mean that I don’t have to worry about helping anyone else until I have enough to take care of me and my family?