Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery

The purpose of this semester is to help teens understand all that God has done for us through his Son, Jesus Christ. Through this semester, teens will learn that for all eternity, God has planned for us to share eternal happiness with him which is accomplished through the Redemption Christ won for us. Teens will learn that they share in this Redemption only in and through Jesus Christ. They will also be introduced to what it means to be a disciple of Christ and what life as a disciple entails.

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Staff-currated Semester Options

To help you create unique semesters unitilizing Life Nights from different shipments, we've created three options for you to use if you need some help crafting a semester. Use these outlines a suggestion. Supplement as needed by looking at the USCCB semester outline to fill in gaps for your youth group.

We suggest that you build unique semesters based on the USCCB requirements that help your teens understand the Faith. Don't feel compelled to use every night, but pick and choose what fits your group.

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USCCB Semester Outline

Life Teen follows the USCCB semester outline for high school catechesis. We offer the most comprehensive and complete youth ministry curriculum available based on this curriculum. See how our Life Nights fit into each semester of the curriculum below. You'll find on the left the main points from the USCCB framework and to the right what nights fit into each main point. You can find more details about the USCCB catechesis framework in this PDF.

USCCB Outline

Life Nights

I. The Goodness of Creation and Our Fall from Grace

A. The Creation of the World and our first Parents

B. The Fall from grace: Original Sin

II. The Promise of a Messiah

A. The First Prophecy of the Messiah, God’s promise to redeem the world.

B. Longing for the fulfillment of the promise.

C. The promise of redemption is fulfilled in Jesus.

III. Christ Our Light: Redemption Unfolds

A. The Baptism of Jesus & Jesus’ Triple Temptation

B. The Miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana

C. The Announcement of the Kingdom through Parables and Miracles

D. Transfiguration at Mount Tabor

E. Jesus Institutes the Sacrament of the Eucharist

IV. Redemption through the Paschal Mystery

A. The Passion and death of Jesus

B. The Resurrection of Jesus: Redemption accomplished and the promise fulfilled.

C. The Ascension and glorification of Jesus culminating in the sending of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

V. Moral Implications for the Life of a Believer

A. Christ was put to death for our sins and raised for our justification.

B. Universal call to holiness of life.

C. Living as a disciple of Jesus.

VI. Prayer in the Life of a Believer

A. God calls every individual to a vital relationship with him experienced in prayer.

B. Developing intimacy and communion with Jesus Christ through prayer is an essential aspect in the life of a believer or disciple.

C. Scripture is a source and guide for prayer.

D. Expressions of prayer can be vocal, meditative, or contemplative.

E. The forms of prayer are Blessing, Adoration, Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving, and Praise.

F. Prayer requires effort and commitment.

G. The Lord’s Prayer forms a basis for the Church’s understanding of the value of prayer.

VII. Challenges

A. Why would God the Father allow His Son Jesus to suffer and die the way he did?

B. Why are followers of Jesus Christ sometimes so willing to make sacrifices and to accept pain and suffering, especially in witness to Christ and their faith?

C. Isn’t making sacrifices and putting up with suffering a sign of weakness?

D. In the end, isn’t it really only the final result that matters?