Person of Christ

Person of Christ

Person of Christ

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the mystery of Jesus Christ, the living Word of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. In this course students will understand that Jesus Christ is the ultimate Revelation to us from God. In learning about who he is, the students will also learn who he calls them to be.

Staff-currated Semester Options

To help you create unique semesters unitilizing Life Nights from different shipments, we've created three options for you to use if you need some help crafting a semester. Use these outlines a suggestion. Supplement as needed by looking at the USCCB semester outline to fill in gaps for your youth group.

We suggest that you build unique semesters based on the USCCB requirements that help your teens understand the Faith. Don't feel compelled to use every night, but pick and choose what fits your group.

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USCCB Semester Outline

Life Teen follows the USCCB semester outline for high school catechesis. We offer the most comprehensive and complete youth ministry curriculum available based on this curriculum. See how our Life Nights fit into each semester of the curriculum below. You'll find on the left the main points from the USCCB framework and to the right what nights fit into each main point. You can find more details about the USCCB catechesis framework in this PDF.

USCCB Outline

Life Nights

II. Jesus Christ's Revelation about God

  1. Son of God from all eternity and Son of Mary from the moment of the Incarnation
  2. The revelation of Jesus about God
  3. The three Divine Persons of the Trinity
  4. Unique role of Mary, Mother of God

III. The Mystery of the Incarnation

  1. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man

IV. Jesus Christ teaches us about ourselves

  1. Jesus embodies what has been revealed in and through creation
  2. Jesus Christ redeems us and gives us his grace so that we can choose the good according to God’s will and resist sin and it’s effects
  3. Jesus Christ reveals the Father to us, who we are, and our call to holiness
  4. Jesus also tells us of the goal in this life and of the end of life

V. Challenges

  1. How can we know God really exists?
  2. There are some who see human suffering and conclude that God does not care about us. Why do we say that he loves us deeply?
  3. How can people say that God is good if suffering and evil are present in the world?
  4. Does God really want us to be happy?
  5. There are some who dismiss God’s Revelation and say that the beliefs and doctrines taught by the Church have been made up by members of the Church. How can we be sure that what the Catholic Church teaches has come from God?
  6. How do we as Catholics answer questions about the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role in the life and prayer of the Church?