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Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body

  • Hunger: Concupiscence, Lust, Spiritual Hunger

    The goal of this Life Night is to introduce teens to the virtue of chastity as it stands in opposition to concupiscence. It will challenge teens to recognize their desire for relationships, and to act on that desire in a healthy and chaste way.

  • Liberty: Homosexuality and Freedom

    The goal for this night is to present the Church’s teaching on homosexuality in a loving and pastoral way within the context of the Theology of the Body. This Life Night will challenge teenagers to see that freedom is found in obeying God’s will, rather than working against it.

  • Love: Love as Self-Gift, Definition of Love

    The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers understand the definition of true love, especially as it is expressed within the Sacrament of Marriage. This night will encourage teens not to settle for a lesser form of affection and will challenge  them to live the two great commandments of love.

  • Death: The Fall, Original Sin

    The goal of this Life Night is to explain the effects of the Fall of Adam and Eve and the doctrine of original sin. This Life Night will challenge the teens to recognize the effects of original sin on God’s intended plan for the world, and recognize the necessity of Christ in their redemption.

  • Life: Creation

    This Life Night will introduce the concept of the complementary nature of the sexes and challenge teens to see members of the opposite sex as reflections of God and as a “help” for their own gender.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Marriage and Celibacy for the Kingdom of God

    The goal for this Life Night is to help teenagers understand how the vocations of marriage, holy orders, and the consecrated life all lead us to fulfillment in Christ. It will challenge teens to discern their vocation and how they will offer their lives as a self-gift.