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Why Catholic Youth Ministry?

Young Catholics today face challenges that previous generations have never seen

Who Am I?

During middle school, young people transition from identifying with their families to identifying  with their friends. As these same students journey through high school, they test the limits of independence and look for new identities. Social networks and online identities make young people more vulnerable to cultural pressures than ever before.

Where Am I Going?

When you are young, the future is wide open. This can bring both hope and anxiety. The world offers futures defined by materialism and fleeting pleasure. God offers a vocation and a path of discernment that brings you there. But with all the noise of the world, it’s hard for young people to find their true mission.

Is God Real? Is the Church Relevant?

Young people today are growing up in a culture that is more skeptical of Christ and His Church than any previous generation. Gospel Truths and Church Teachings are increasingly dismissed by popular opinion. In a fast paced world where new truths are defined each day, many see that the Catholic Church is not keeping up.

Where Do I Find Happiness?

Middle school youth face temptations and pressures that just 15 years ago were experienced only in high school. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, and multiple sexual relationships are the new norm. Young people want happiness that doesn’t fade because the world isn’t giving it to them.

“Our Church needs to have something that teens can relate to in their faith that is a healthy competition for what the world is telling them. Life Teen understands that. Standard religious education doesn’t understand that. Life Teen establishes an environment that is warm, where teens are cared for and respected. Life Teen meets them in their world. We have to meet them; they won’t just come to us. Teens say: I’ve never been so loved unconditionally, so accepted.”

Linda Payne, Life Teen Coordinator, Stoughton, MA

How We Help Parishes

Edge Support, Life Support, and College Life set up Parish Leaders for Success.

Save Time

Spend less time at your desk and more time with the young people of your parish. We give youth ministers, music ministers, and priests the planning resources they need run an effective comprehensive youth ministry.

Save Money

If not planned properly, a parish’s weekly programming, youth retreats, and social events can be expensive. Our event planning resources help you make smart choices when organizing events so they can be both effective and affordable.

Year-Round Planning

Our resources help youth ministers develop a comprehensive strategy for planning a school year. Catechesis, social events, service projects, retreats–they’re all integrated. Plus we help you plan for Core Team retreats and training.


Have peace of mind knowing that our resources are faithful to the Magisterium. We love the Gospel, the Sacraments, and Church teachings! Our catechetical resources are fully referenced with Scripture, the Catechism, Encyclicals, and sound doctrine from our great saints. Our curriculum guides follow the USCCB Doctrinal Framework for High School Catechesis.

“If you want the youth minister to do relational ministry and spend time with the teens, then give them resources that will provide him or her with the nights, the media, the catechesis, and the retreats they need. Give them the tools so they can do good ministry.”

Barbara Beal, Youth Ministry Coordinator, Director of Parish Faith Formation, The Woodlands, TX


For Grades 6, 7, and 8. Now used by 1100+ Catholic Parishes.


Edge Semester Planning Guide

Each box comes with one Semester Planning Guide full of Catechetical Edge Nights for an entire semester of engaging, fun, and relevant catechesis for your middle schoolers.

Find out more about our Edge Semester Planning Guides.


Online Resources

Download PDF copies of Edge Nights, Retreats, and Amplify magazines from our massive library of online resources.

View our entire timeline of Edge Resources.

Edge Video Support DVD

Watch fun catechetical videos for youth and training videos for adult leaders.

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Online Video NEW!

Steaming video is perfect for ministries that are using technology to be more mobile and digital. Now you can view most of the videos on our Edge Support DVDs immediately online, anytime you want.

View Edge videos in our Video Resource section.


Twice a year, your parish will receive a retreat for your middle school youth. Retreats are a great opportunity to share Christ with a middle-school youth outside of your Edge nights.

View all Edge Retreats.

Amplify Magazine

Helps you stay up-to-date with articles and Edge Nights that address current issues and trends with middle school youth.

View archive of Amplify Magazines.


Bring more fun into your day with Edge Toys

Additional Resources

Books for developing spirituality, relevant Christian music, promotional giveaway items.

“We have seen 20 men go through the seminary. We see people really discerning marriage on a different level. Where is God calling me in my life? Is this who God is calling me to be with? They are bringing God into their relationships right off the bat.”

Ron Nowak, Life Teen High School Youth Minister, St. Mary’s Hudson, OH


For Grades 9-12. Now used by 1500+ Catholic Parishes.



Curriculum Guide

Based on the USCCB’s doctrinal guidelines for high school catechesis, this resource provides six catechetical gatherings (called Life Nights). This resource can be used as the basis for systematic, intentional, and engaging curriculum for high school youth.

View all Life Nights.


Online Resources

Download PDF copies of the Liturgy Planning Guides, Curriculum Guides, and Retreats from our massive library of online resources.

View the Life Support Resource Timeline.


Life Teen Video Support DVD

Bring catechesis to life with fun, relevant videos for teens.


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Online Video - NEW!

Steaming video is perfect for ministries that are using technology to be more mobile and digital. Now you can view most of the videos on our Life Support DVDs immediately online, anytime you want.

View Life Teen videos in our Video Resource section.


Liturgy Planning Guide

Support and enhance youth-focused liturgies with homily and music suggestions.

View all Liturgy Planning Guides.


Into the Deep - NEW!

A 4-5 week topical series that can be used at Life Nights, weekly studies, or summer content to help teens dive deeper into their faith. Planned topics: Leadership/Discipleship, Lenten Journey, Mary, Life Issues, Girls Only / Guys Only.

View all Into the Deeps.



Planning resources for youth retreats and adult leader retreats.

View all retreats.


Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight is a dynamic magazine to help you be a better youth minister. Inside you’ll find lots of articles on different aspects of ministry, as well as two Issue Life Nights and one Social Life Night.

View the archive of Spotlight magazines.


Bring more fun into your day with Life Teen toys.


Additional Resources

The latest Catholic books, DVDs, and the newest Christian music CDs are always awaiting you in the Life Support box!

Edge and Life Teen provide an exciting, non-classroom, youth ministry model that catechizes while it energizes your parish. Say goodbye to the desks, workbooks, and individual instructors. Say hello to a solid adult Core Team of catechists who unite to evangelize, catechize, and develop Christ-centered relationships with your middle school and high school youth in a large group environment.

Save money by eliminating the typical costs associated with classroom model religious education and start investing in your teens through vibrant and creative youth Liturgies, Edge Nights, Life Nights, retreats, and now...College LIfe (young adult ministry)! Allow the Life Teen staff to walk beside you as you lead teens closer to Christ and build a solid ministry vision that stretches from middle school to high school to college!

Pricing and Subscribing

Get all the details for our yearly subscriptions to Edge Support and Life Support.

Combo Life Support & Edge Support

$1495/ Year ($29 per week)

3 full Edge Support shipments, 3 full Life Support shipments, and online access to all resources.

Plus: $100 discount off combined standard prices.

Premium Life Support & Edge Support

$1895/ Year ($36 per week)

3 full Edge Support shipments, 3 full Life Support shipments, online access to all resources, and.

Plus: One full training conference fee waived and $100 online store credit

Life Support

$995/ Year ($19 per week)

3 full Life Support shipments (September, January, May). Online access to our full archive of Life Support resources. Online streaming of Life Teen Video Support DVDs.

Edge Support

$600/ Year ($12 per week)

3 full Edge Support shipments (August, November, March). Online access to our full archive of Edge Support resources. Online streaming of Edge Video Support DVDs.

Online Only Combo Life Support & Edge Support

$1295/ Year ($25 per week)

Online access to all of our new and archived Life Support & Edge Support resources. Online streaming of Life Teen & Edge Video Resources.

Online Only Life Support

$795/ Year ($15 per week)

Online access to all of our new and archived Life Support resources. Online streaming of Life Teen Video Resources.

Online Only Edge Support

$500/ Year ($9 per week)

Online access to all of our new and archived Edge Support resources. Online streaming of Edge Video Resources.

Add-on College Life

$100/ Year 

Online access to College Life study guides and retreat guides. Streaming access to College Life videos College Life is an add-on for parishes who subscribe to Edge Support and/or Life Support

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Relevant and Orthodox resources are critical for effective youth ministry nights. Get to know our team of catechists who write and manage our catechetical resources.