Do Over!

As a control freak, (and I know I’m the only youth minister who fits this description…) I love having another chance to improve on my past imperfections. Entering into the New Year is often when we get excited about hitting that Reset Button in certain areas of our lives so we can do better, improve ourselves, and be Christ to those who need it most. Particularly in ministry, this time of year can lend itself to reflection between semesters and provide some much-appreciated prayer time. Imagine Rob Schneider from the “Waterboy” cheering you on saying, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

New Year, New You!

To keep it Catholic, let’s acknowledge we’re a bit ahead of the game on the New Year. Why? Because our new year started back in December (living liturgically folks!)! But, let’s jump on the bandwagon of January 1st in popular culture because who doesn’t need a reason to get goal oriented again?