Liturgical Forecast

Take a look at the liturgical seasons like never before. Our award winning meteorologist will take you through all of the seasons we will experience this year in church. From Advent to Easter to Ordinary time, we’ve got you covered.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporal Works of Mercy

Abrasive Abner is at it again! This comical short video reveals some of the common reactions that youth have towards the Corporal Works of Mercy. Featuring Timid Timmy as the example of common ways that youth fail to be charitable, Charitable Chelsea who is the perfect example of true mercy to those in need, and […]

Dealin’ With Dad

A father and his daughter negotiate the terms of her allowance and homework contract. The father then proves that his love extends far beyond any contract.

Passion and Death

Mark Hart shares the story and reality of Christ’s passion and death

The Resurrection

Mark Hart teaches and celebrates the joy and hope of the resurrection of Christ

A Sacramental Life

Follow the journey of a priest as he remembers his life through experiences of the Sacraments

Love Hunt

Bill Underbight is on the hunt to find a glimpse of true love

Liberty Teaching

Jackie Francois shares the beauty of human sexuality, the truth of homosexuality, and the virtue of chastity

Hunger Teaching

Fr. Matt Henry shares the importance of a relationship with God and the struggle with desire and concupiscence

Courting Futility

Examine the attempts of a man and a woman as they search for their perfect match

Dos and Don’ts of Evangelization

This video is a great tool on how to teach teens how to reach out to their peers. A funny, comical, and relatable video that will help ease their fears of reaching out to their friends and inviting them to church.

“Why Be Catholic”

Different Middle Schoolers share why they’re Catholic and what it means to be Catholic.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is much more powerful than simple words. Each line in the Lord’s Prayer is there for a specific reason. This video highlights the deeper meanings behind each line.

Risk Living

A tragic accident changed a family forever. A family shares their story about their son, Adam, who died tragically while water skiing. Adam’s parents and brother share about the suffering they went through and how God made Himself present to them in the midst of their suffering. Adam changed their life, and his story can change yours as well.

Year of Faith

This video was created specifically for the “Year of Faith.” It incorporates Sacred Images, quality graphic design, and encouragement on how to enter fully into the “Year of Faith.” By Faith, countless souls have given everything to God – may we follow in their example to live by faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for faith and God will grant it to you.

Scripture Aptitude Test

Bradley Opitz, a youth minister, heads to a Catholic High School to test some teens’ knowledge of the Scripture! Watch to see if you can pass this Scripture Aptitude Test.

Examination of Conscience

This video offers an Examination of Conscience that can be prayed before the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Surge of the Heart

Prayer is simply a surge of the heart. A couple of teens share their experience with prayer and their struggles with learning how to pray. They talk about how prayer went from something they felt the SHOULD do to something the WANTED to do.

A Day In the Life of a Priest

Have you ever wanted to know what a priest does all day? Fr. John Muir allows us to follow him around for a day to see what his day is really like. A day in the life of a priest is full of surprises and joy.

Techno Tweens

How do middle schoolers use technology? In this episode of Techno Tweens, Natalie interviews some middle school youth on how they use technology in their everyday lives.

We Receive

How does receiving the Eucharist change the way that you live? Watch to see how these teens have changed their actions simply because they receive Jesus in the Eucharist.