Scripture Scramble

In this game of “Scripture Scramble,” you will see four events from Scripture. Your task is to put the events in order starting with the event that happened first!

Away in a Manger

This is the classic game of finding the baby Jesus! There are three spots where He can be, so make sure to watch closely to see where He lays His head.


This game for Edge is called the Catholathon.. because it’s a Catholic Marathon!! Each of the participants are given a special activity that they have to do… like genuflecting and doing the sign of the cross.

What Do You Get?

Play the game that allows you to name new species of animals… kind of. What do you call a cheetah and a turtle? Or how about an alligator and penguin? Mix them up and what do you get? Find out now!

Guess This Sound

This is a game where you listen to an audio clip and guess the sound. The first person to guess the sound wins! Are you ready?

The La La Game

Jackie Francois leads a game that she calls “The La La Game.” The girls and boys that were at Steubenville West compete against each other to determine what song Jackie is singing using only the words “La” and “La.”

Praise & 80s

I’m going to guess what you’re thinking: you’re wondering what would happen if you combined worship music with 80’s music? You’re in good company because Ike Ndolo wonders the same thing! See what happens when he combines the two genres!

Which Hand?

This game is all about determining whose hand has a fun toy inside of it. Guess which hand by yelling out a number, and then watch to figure out if you’re right!


The object of this game to figure out what someone is trying say by reading the phonetic spelling. You’ll be asking yourself, “whachusae?”

Papa Say!

This is the game that when the Papa says something, you do it. Don’t get this confused with Simon Says… because this is PAPA SAYS.

This Guy

What is “this guy” doing with his life? And by “this guy,” we mean that guy in the video. Play this short game to figure out what “this guy” does next.


If you’re afraid of clowns, this might not be the game for you. Three clowns race for the finish, but which one will win? Take your guess!

Mitre Hat Game

Looking to play a game with a Mitre Hat? Play the game that the Pope loves to play in his spare time: the Mitre Hat Game.

The Big Picture

It’s hard to see the big picture sometimes, and this game will test your skills. You have 14 seconds to figure out what the image is.